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Jun 3, 2021

ODM: 3 good reasons to use an external design office

AC/DC or DC/DC battery chargers, distribution DC boards, AC/DC inverters, HMI interfaces, MPPT controllers... Whether they work in the marine or automotive sector, Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) may have occasional needs for products outside their core business. When such a need arises, the ODM is faced with two possibilities: either it seeks to develop the product in-house, without necessarily having the time or the required skills, or it calls upon a supplier to provide a turnkey solution. Here are 3 good reasons to use an external design office.
May 27, 2021

Marine battery charger: All you need to know

Whether they are used to start the engine or to ensure the electrical operation of on-board equipment, batteries are an essential element on board boats. But to operate properly, batteries need a battery charger. How often should a marine battery be charged? How to choose a good battery charger? Follow the guide to find out everything you need to know!

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Do you need to adapt the mount or design of a standard charger to better match your shipbuilding process? Do you want to customize the tech specifications of a power equipment for a special series of vessels? DOLPHIN CHARGER has your tailor-made solution.

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With its own team of engineers, DOLPHIN CHARGER ™ designs, manufactures and distributes a complete range of robust and intelligent power conversion supplies and solutions for the MARINE market: AC/DC battery chargers, DC/DC boosters, DC/AC inverter/chargers, batteries, battery monitors and HMI as well as accessories such as smart relays, converters and isolators.

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“ I have been mounting Dolphin Charger units since the brand's beginnings in 1996. I have thirty years of experience in marine electricity. For ten years, I was in charge of the electrical field for a major Italian yacht dealer: all our boats were equipped with Dolphin Charger products as standard: this is how I have seen their exemplary reliability. ”

Jean Pierre Yvon - Maintenance Yacht Services
Jean-Pierre YVON, Maintenance Yacht Services

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