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Nov 19, 2021

Electrical design of recreational boats: understanding the ISO8846 standard

Because boats are a highly flammable due to construction materials, the installation and use of electrical devices on board must be particularly controlled in areas where gasoline vapors may be present. To this end, there are European and US design standards that boat manufacturers must follow to ensure safe design of recreational boats. With respect to electrical design, builders must ensure that all electrical devices on board located in hazardous areas comply with the ISO 8846 or SAE J1171 marine standard. This International Organization for Standardization (ISO) regulation certifies that all electrical products on board the vessel has been tested and approved. It guarantees their safe operation on board.
Oct 18, 2021

Euro 6 emissions standards : How to take into consideration the new standard in the design of vehicles?

The European emission standard, Euro 1 to 6, has been established in order to reduce the emissions in the automotive sector. Since the introduction in 1992 rules are evolving and the limits are becoming more and more restrictive. The latest standard is Euro 6 and all new vehicles must comply with it. So, what will change in the design of your vehicles ? Answers.

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“ I have been mounting Dolphin Charger units since the brand's beginnings in 1996. I have thirty years of experience in marine electricity. For ten years, I was in charge of the electrical field for a major Italian yacht dealer: all our boats were equipped with Dolphin Charger products as standard: this is how I have seen their exemplary reliability. ”

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